Our Bag Sewing Patterns by Skill Level

Country Cow Designs Sewing Patterns by Skill Level

This week’s blog post is all about our existing sewing patterns. A few of you have requested this post so you can decide what to make next. If you have a recommendation for a future blog post, please comment at the bottom of this article. If you’ve successfully made a bag using one of our patterns let us know in the comments!

We’ve been running Country Cow Designs for a few years now and have a variety of patterns available. Perhaps you’re new to our patterns and wondering where to start, or you’ve finished making some of our bag designs and want to know what to try next? We hope this quick guide will help. We’ve divided our patterns into five skill categories:

  • First Sew
  • Beginner
  • Ambitious Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

“First Sew” Patterns

These patterns are ideal if you’ve not sewn before and want to start with a pouch or bag. Step by step instructions are included but we don’t include instructions for using your sewing machine as they’re all different, so you will need to read the instruction manual for your specific sewing machine before beginning. Our first sew patterns are free or discounted. Below are links to each of our first sew patterns.


Our beginner patterns are great for those with sewing experience but who have not made a bag before. They’re also great for anyone who’s looking for a quick, simple and enjoyable sew or who wants to try a new technique.

Ambitious Beginner

If you’ve made a few bags and you’re ready to learn some new skills, these are the patterns for you! They’re are a little tougher than our beginner patterns, but of course we’ll guide you through every step with photos and a video tutorial. If you’re an experienced sewist and want to give one of these bags a go for your first ever bag, that’s ok, provided you’re feeling brave and are ready for a challenge.


Our intermediate patterns are a little more challenging and we recommend that you have some bag making experience before giving these ago. However, we know of plenty of people who have made one of these for their first ever bag and succeeded so really it’s up to you. Are you feeling brave?

Advanced Patterns

Are you looking for a challenge? You’ll definitely need bag making experience before giving these patterns a try. As with all our patterns, step by step instructions and video tutorials are included, but our advanced patterns will include steps that prove challenging even for experienced bag makers. These patterns usually include curves, lots of pockets and new techniques. The result is well worth the effort and we’ll guide you through the whole process.

Leather Patterns

These leather patterns don’t include any sewing at all. To make these patterns you’ll need rivets, and ideally, a hand press to set them. Start with our free mini tutorials listed first and then progress to the full size bags. Each of these patterns includes specific leather guidelines in the product listing. We strongly recommend that you use the thickness recommended.

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4 thoughts on “Our Bag Sewing Patterns by Skill Level

  1. I have made 2 Momexa crossbodies. The instructions as well as the video are very easy to follow. Both bags turned out beautifully. Thank you Jo!!

  2. I have made 3 Teloujay 2.0 bags and while I found Topstitching round the top of the bag challenging (was my first time using sew in foam) I absolutely loved the finished bag. Jo your tutorial was so easy to follow – I normally need visual help by watching videos, but I found I didn’t need to watch your video to complete the bag. I’ve since bought another of your patterns and though this one looks a bit scary, I’m sure you’ll guide me through it with ease.
    Thanks so much Jo & Adam.

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