The Quiver Sling – A Bag of the Month Club Pattern

Quiver Sling Blog Post


I’m very happy to introduce our latest bag pattern, the Quiver Sling. The initial release is exclusive to the Bag of the Month Club until 31 October 2023. The club is a 3-month subscription which runs twice a year. For the subscription, you receive one each of beginner, intermediate and advanced bag patterns across three months. I was honoured to be asked to design for the club and the Quiver Sling is starting off the current round. If you haven’t already checked out the Bag of the Month Club, click here and consider joining the Facebook group where bag makers share their creations, tips and ask questions.

The Quiver Sling is Fun & Simple To Make

What can I tell you about the Quiver Sling bag pattern? Well, first, it comes in two sizes. The small size is perfect to carry your phone, keys etc. It’s also ideal for young ones as well. The large size is more suitable when you’re out of the house for the day and can even fit an iPad mini. As it’s a beginner bag pattern, we’ve kept it simple and quick to make. It doesn’t have any internal pockets and just one external slip pocket. Jo also added the useful optional elastic cord to keep your sunglasses secure on the bag. Our main focus with this design was to keep it simple so you can focus on enjoying the bag making process. We’ve enjoyed making it so much that we’ve made 10 so far, with more planned as gifts for family. It’s construction uses binding which we know isn’t everyone’s favourite technique, but this method of assembling a bag has lots of benefits which we explained in a previous blog post. You’ll also find the video tutorial very useful as this shows how we keep the binding simple and quick to sew.

Can I Sew This On a Domestic Machine?

This bag pattern is suitable for domestic sewing machines. We recommend using cotton or waxed canvas when sewing this bag on a domestic machine. I made one on Jo’s Janome HD9 using cotton and waxed canvas for the video tutorial and I’ve also made a few on my Sailrite Fabricator using heavier materials like 20oz waxed twill. Whatever machine you’re using, you’ll be able to make the Quiver Sling with the appropriate materials.


As always, our testers made some great bags and I’ve included their photos below to inspire you. Click a photo to see it in full size.


Small & Large Made by Addie Kakes Kreations


Made by Bed Hog Shop



Large Size Made by the Nesting Birdie



Large Size Made by Adam, Country Cow Designs




Large Size Lakeside Saks



Large Size made by NovasKnits




Large Size Made by Chera Phipody


Small & Large Made by The Busy Sewing Room


Large Size Made by M Graham Sews


Small Size Made by Adam, Country Cow Designs




Small & Large made by Liz’s Needle Creations



Large Size made by Paradise Shack



If you use social media, please share your creation using the hashtag #quiversling. We love seeing what you make, and it inspires us to keep designing new sewing patterns. I hope you enjoy sewing the Quiver Sling as much as I have. We’ve got advanced and intermediate bag patterns planned this autumn so join our mailing list and don’t miss these exciting new releases.


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