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Konin Bowler Purse – PDF Digital Sewing Pattern

THIS LISTING IS FOR A DIGITAL PATTERN in English which will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

What’s included?

  • Digital PDF file with 18 pages of step by step photo instructions showing how to create your bowler purse
  • Handy cutting chart and pattern pieces to print at home
  • Full video tutorial
  • Instant download after purchase
  • All measurements are imperial (inches)
  • Digital file with instructions and pattern pieces to print on letter paper (for the USA & Canada) and A4 paper (used outside the USA & Canada)
  • Pattern pieces on A0 paper for use with projectors or at a print shop
  • SVG files for use on cutting machines

Skill level:



PDF files for your personal use only. You can make bags using this pattern on a home-based production scale.


(13 customer reviews)

This sewing pattern comes together really quickly. I’ve rated it as intermediate as it involves sewing curves, but there’s no reason an ambitious beginner can’t give it a try! It’s firm and structured with a built in wallet inside and a stretchy mesh pocket which is really handy for holding your phone. The bag is finished with binding on the inside. Binding is a great way to give a bag structure, it creates a sort of “skeleton” inside the bag which helps it keep it’s shape.

The main stabiliser can be Peltex 71F, Decovil Heavy or fusible foam. I don’t recommend using a sew-in stabiliser as it will make the seams very thick when you come to bind them. Some of the photos show which stabiliser was used so you can get an idea of the look created by various stabilisers.


For the exterior fabric, I recommend canvas, cork or vinyl. For the grab handle (pattern piece F), I strongly recommend using cotton or canvas as it is included in the seam and will become very bulky with thicker fabrics. If you choose to make a handle accent (pattern piece E), it will need to be made using cork, leather or vinyl. Whatever fabrics you choose to use, please ensure your sewing machine is capable of sewing through
multiple layers of the fabric before you begin.

For the lining fabric I recommend quilting cotton or light weight (300 denier) waterproof canvas. If using waterproof canvas, omit the woven interfacing. At times, the pattern recommends using fabric pens or heat to
press. Before doing this, test on scrap pieces of your fabric to ensure the marks erase and heat doesn’t damage it.

Finished size:

7″ high x 9 1/2″ wide x 4″ deep

Selling bags:

You can sell bags made from this design on a home-based production scale.


Immediately after purchase, you will receive the following files:

This is NOT a finished bag. This is a digital sewing pattern to download and print at home to help you create your own bag. This digital file is for your personal use and that of your family only and is not to be shared or reproduced. See full terms and conditions.


Acrylic templates are available to purchase from:

Hardware Kits:

Available here

Australian customers can get hardware kits from Online Bag Supplies


For printing at home, please use the letter paper file if you’re in the USA or Canada, or the A4 file for everywhere else. The A0 file is for projector and print shop use only and is not compatible with a standard home printer.

This is a PDF digital sewing pattern in English available for instant download. See the “DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS” page for details on how to download your pattern after purchase.

This sewing pattern is written using imperial (inches) measurements.

Included in the photos are bags made by our pattern testers. Please be aware that some of the testers have made small modifications to their bags. Instructions for these modifications are not included in the pattern but are simply there to provide ideas on how you could adapt the pattern if you want to.


Required Supplies:

  • 1/4 yd Exterior fabric (54″ width)
  • 1/2 yd Lining fabric (44″ width)
  • 1/3 yd Medium woven interfacing – SF101/Wovenfuse/G700 (35″ width)
  • 1/2 yd Medium non-woven interfacing – Pellon 808 Craft fuse/Vilene F220 (35″ width)
  • 1/4 yd Main stabiliser – Decovil Heavy/Peltex 71F/fusible foam (35″ width)
  • 3 1/2″ (10cm) x 10″ (25cm) Ultra Firm Base Stabiliser – Peltex 71F
  • 5 1/4″ (14cm) x 10 3/4″ (28cm) Two way stretch mesh fabric – (e.g By Annie’s)


  • 17″ No.5 zipper tape & 2 zip pulls
  • 8″ No.3 zipper tape & 1 zip pull
  • 2 x 1″ (25mm) D-rings
  • 2 x 1 1/2″ (38mm) Swivel hooks
  • 1 x 1 1/2″ (38mm) Strap slider
  • 60″ (1.5m) Webbing for the strap
  • 2 yds (1.85m) Double fold bias binding
  • 8 x Medium rivets (8mm post) – *OPTIONAL*
  • 4 x Small/Medium bag feet – *OPTIONAL*


As this is an electronic product, we cannot process refunds or returns as it cannot be returned once delivered. This pattern, once purchased, is not to be shared or reproduced in any way.

Downloads are limited to 10 per file as a precaution to stop bots from sharing download links. If you need your download limit refreshed, please email us and we’ll be happy to sort it for you.
Got a question? Check the FAQs page, or email us at


When you purchase access to Digital Products you are purchasing a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access the information for your personal use only. You may not publish or share the digital products or your login details with anyone else.  The copyright for this pattern belongs to Country Cow Designs Ltd. It is therefore illegal to reproduce or share the pattern with others, or claim it as your own design. This includes using the pattern to teach classes or for any other commercial use. If you wish to use one of our patterns to teach a class, you must contact us for consent first and each student/attendee must purchase their own personal copy of the pattern.


To make this bag you’ll need to use various tools/equipment. You should only use tools that are well maintained and that you are competent at using. I recommend reading and following the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer of each tool. This pattern does not include safety precautions for the use of tools, so you are responsible for the safe use of any tools you use. If in doubt, seek guidance from an experienced professional of the tools you are using or contact the manufacturer directly. You are responsible for ensuring that you have a safe and suitable working environment. The instructions in this pattern are suggestions only and you are responsible for ensuring that you can carry out the suggestions safely without causing injury or harm to yourself or others. You are also responsible for ensuring that your sewing machine and other equipment are capable of carrying out the suggestions. I cannot be held accountable for damage caused because the tools used are unsuitable.

13 reviews for Konin Bowler Purse – PDF Digital Sewing Pattern

  1. Catie Verified Owner

    I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!! I had to have it when it released. I’m still a beginner bag maker and the bound seams were TOUGH, but the video with extra comments reassuring me it IS hard made it just that bit easier. The instructions are great, but the added video makes it top notch. I LOVE how my first one came out. I’ll be finishing my second soon!

  2. Teresa Hollington

    The Konin bowler purse is only the second bag I have made, and as a beginner I was a bit apprehensive in attempting this beautiful pattern.
    I read all the pattern and then watched the video,.
    I took it step by step reading and looking at the photos also checking on the video to make sure I was following it correctly.
    I know this is time consuming, I just did not want to mess it up.
    I should not of worried it was a lot easier than I imagined and can’t wait to make another.
    Thank you for such a lovely purse pattern

  3. Wendy McMullen Verified Owner

    This is one of the first Country Cow Designs bags I made (and have made a lot now!) The instructions and video make it easy to follow – and the binding is not hard. My friend has claimed it for her birthday. I made mine with combination of vinyl and cotton canvas.

  4. Dawn Verified Owner

    Love this bag so much, I made two! The most amazing thing is.. how lightweight the finished product is. With all that hardware I was expecting it to be quite weighty. Not at all! The digital instructions are excellent but the video tutorial is just absolutely brilliant. I read all the digital instructions first but followed along with the latter. Makes the whole sewing experience even more enjoyable. Thank you!

  5. Deborah Burgess

    Love this pattern. So adaptable for lots of fabrics. Ideal size.

  6. Angela Rafferty Verified Owner

    This is such a great pattern, it’s very different to any of my other bags I have made. The internal wallet is so good. No rummaging around for my purse. The binding taught me a new skill and looks great inside the bag. I love it and have got another planned in tweed. Thank you for coming up with such a great pattern

  7. Sarah Shaw Verified Owner

    Awesome pattern. Easy to follow instructions. I followed them exactly and came out with a beautiful bag.

  8. Becky Moffitt Verified Owner

    Beautiful bag with very clear instructions.

  9. Dalva Verified Owner

    Like all country cow patterns, this a pattern so well written for all audiences and levels. Even though is listed as intermediate , I am guessing because the gussets and binding, an adventurous beginner can sew it following instructions and the detailed video. I have sewn a couple of bowler bags, but this is the perfect bowler pattern. Love the integrated wallet.

  10. Laura Breyley Verified Owner

    This was such a fun bag to make. It looks a little intimidating but with the instructions and video it was totally doable and the end result was so gorgeous. I always enjoy Country Cow’s unique designs!

  11. Kim Benson Verified Owner

    this is a cute bag -the instructions and pictures are very clear to understand – the issue I had is with the bottom piece– I first enlarged the pattern to 125% inorder to carry all the stuff I need — the struggle came with sewing the completed gusset to the front and back panel—- no matter what I did I could not get the gusset to fit — I sewed the pieces together anyways and cut off the bottom curves of the front and back pieces since they didn’t match up with the gusset– the bag didn’t look right, so I ripped the seams a part — tried sewing a second time and it still didn’t work. So I recut a new bottom piece and made it about 1/2 inch- 3/4 inch longer and then the gusset and the front and back pieces fit perfectly. I will make this bag again at regular size, but I will add to the bottom piece length

  12. CAROLINE O’MALLEY Verified Owner

    Lovely pattern easy to follow

  13. JOANNE WESTON Verified Owner

    Beautiful bag pattern and as is the same for all Jo’s patterns, it is easy to follow with text and photos and a video too. Highly recommended x

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