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Bag Making Tutorial and Tips Videos

When Jo started creating bag patterns she wanted to provide a full video tutorial for each bag she designed. Neither of us had ever created a video or uploaded anything to YouTube. But it’s important to provide support to our customers and so we began our journey to learn how to film and edit videos. A few years later, we feel we have really improved the quality of our video tutorials and have also provided a number of bag making tips and other useful content. So please find below an index of our videos with links to Youtube where the videos are hosted. Click on the thumbnail to access the video. We will try to keep this updated but please consider subscribing to your Youtube channel. It really helps us out.


Bag Making Video Tutorials (by release date, Newest First)


Rollup Shopping Bag – Blog Post Pattern

shopping bag tutorial

Quiver Sling – Bag of the Month Club

quiver sling tutorial

My First Tote (MFT) – Discounted Pattern

my first tote tutorial

Travel Light Duffle – Pattern

travel light duffle tutorial

Yarnbomber Project Tote – Pattern

yarnbomber tutorial

Kedemoth Messenger Bag – Pattern

kedemoth tutorial

Lemonza Clutch Wallet – Pattern

lemonza clutch wallet tutorial

Teloujay 1 (Remake) – Discounted Pattern

teloujay tutorial

Drawstring – Free Pattern

drawstring tutorial

Yasmota Handbag – Pattern

yasmota tutorial

No Sew Crossbody (NSC) – Leather Pattern

no sew crossbody tutorial

Densa Dopp Kit – Pattern (free for mailing list subscribers)

densa dopp kit tutorial

Ojyma Crossbody – Pattern

ojyma crossbody tutorial

Kynsa Backpack – Pattern

kynsa tutorial

iPad Sleeve – Free Pattern

ipad sleeve tutorial

Daythum Sling – Pattern

daythum sling tutorial

Teloujay 3 Crossbody – Discounted Pattern

teloujay tutorial

The No Sew Tote (NST) – Leather Pattern

no sew tote tutorial

Sedron Backpack – Pattern

sedron backpack tutorial

Konin Bowler Purse – Pattern

konin tutorial

Nasyow Pouch – Free Pattern

nasyow pouch tutorial

Muerqo Tote – Pattern

muerqo tote tutorial

Lowarn Barrell Bag – Pattern

lowarn tutorial

Teloujay 2 Crossbody – Discounted Pattern

teloujay tutorial

Laundry Bag – Free Pattern

laundry bag tutorial

Momexa Crossbody – Pattern

momexa crossbody tutorial

Kelzjon Bag – Discounted Pattern

kelzjon tutorial

Lomexa Handbag – Pattern

lomexa handbag tutorial

Vekza Bowler Bag – Pattern

vekza tutorial

Deyjon Bucket Bag – Pattern

deyjon bucket bag tutorial

Trekoda Mini Backpack – Pattern

trekoda backpack tutorial

Teloujay 1 Crossbody – Discounted Pattern

teloujay tutorial

Cornish Backpack – Pattern

cornish backpack tutorial

Vordenza Crossbody – Pattern

vordenza tutorial

Wanderlust Tote – Pattern

wanderlust tote tutorial


Bag Making Tips

How to Add Piping to Your Bags

bag piping tutorial

How To Make a Leather and Webbing Bag Strap – Based on Blog Post

leather and webbing strap

How To Make a Post Leather Strap

leather strap tutorial

Printing and Assembling Paper Pattern Pieces

paper pattern pieces

Using Wovenfix 2 Interfacing

woven interfacing

Needles & Threads

bag making needles and thread

How to Save Money

save money making bags

Tips for Working with Waxed Canvas

waxed canvas tips

Bag making tips – Zips!

bag making tips zips

Sewing With a Domestic Machine

sewing with a domestic machine

Adjustable Crossbody Strap – No Raw Edges

no raw edge bag strap

Making a Tassel

how to make a tassel

Grommets, Rivets & Hand Presses

rivets and presses

Using Acrylic Sewing Templates

acrylic templates

How To Add a Zipper Pocket to a Bag

add zip pocket to bag


Other Helpful Videos

Sailrite Fabricator Long-term Review

sailrite fabricator review

My First Quilt Project – Bagmaker Does Quilting


Choosing a Sewing Machine for Making Bags

domestic sewing machine

What Abut the Sailrite Fabricator?


sailrite fabricator









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