Sewing Patterns and Video Tutorials

If you’ve ever wondered “can I sew my own bag?” the answer is yes! My sewing patterns range from beginner to advanced and include step by step comprehensive photo instructions as well as video tutorials to show you how to make a bag from start to finish. If this is your first time sewing, check out the soap bag pattern or the Nasyow pouch. If you’re more experienced and would like a challenge, why not try the Trekoda mini backpack or the Vekza bowler bag. In each of my sewing patterns, I try to introduce a new method or technique. I love trying new things and it’s a great way to keep advancing your bag making skills and striving to improve.

“But surely I need an industrial sewing machine if I want to sew bags?” Visit my YouTube channel and you’ll see that I make all my bags on a domestic sewing machine. A good quality domestic sewing machine can achieve more than you think. It’s important to choose the correct materials for your machine and use the appropriate tools to assist it. I make many of my bags using cotton and cork fabrics. In my tutorials, I cover many aspects of making bags on a domestic sewing machine, but get in touch using the contact page if you have any questions. I also stock the hardware and zips you need to make your bags. Check out the shop section of my website to see my selection.

PDF Sewing Patterns

My bag patterns all include full video tutorials. They range from beginner to advanced and each includes step by step photo instructions.

The patterns are digital PDFs so you can print the pattern pieces at home and either print or follow the instructions on your mobile device.

Select a pattern and check out the reviews to see what others have to say about my sewing patterns.

Our Story

About Country Cow Designs

Hi, I’m Jo. I produce sewing patterns and video tutorials to help you create amazing handmade bags. I make all my bags on my domestic sewing machine and in each sewing pattern I strive to provide you with tips and tricks to help you create incredible bags. I set up Country Cow Designs in 2019. Since then I’ve roped in the help of my twin sister and husband who both assist me in coming up with unique and intriguing designs. Together we design patterns that are easy to read and understand, with step by step photos throughout to help you create beautiful and functional bags. I’m always around to answer questions if you’re struggling with something in a pattern. Just visit the contact page and send me an email. I strive to reply to all emails within 24 hours.

About Country Cow Designs

High quality hardware complements your hard work

When you put hours of work into creating a handmade item, you need to know the hardware is going to compliment rather than detract from the bags beauty. Unique hardware is also great for making your handmade bag stand out from the crowd.
But sourcing good hardware can be difficult, especially when you’re looking for a specific combination of hardware for a bag. For that reason, I stock hardware kits for some of my patterns. I have a variety of hardware colour options but there’s no denying that matte black and brushed brass are two of my favourites. I’ll be working to supply more matte black and brushed brass hardware kits in the future.
If you’re outside the UK, you’ll find it cheaper to buy kits from local shops. The following suppliers stock hardware kits for some of my patterns:


Australia –

Canada – BlueberryQuiltPatch on Etsy

Bag Hardware Matte Black


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Questions about my patterns or business? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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