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Water Resistant Cotton Canvas – Navy Flowers

Orders containing fabric can take up to three working days to dispatch.

Sold by the 1/2 metre (20″). For one metre, add a quantity of two to your basket. Fabric will be folded when shipped, not rolled.

Fabric width is approximately 150cm (59″) – that’s 30% wider than most quilting cottons.

As this is a new product to us, and you, we recommend purchasing a small quantity and trying it out before committing to a large order. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do, but give it a try first!

We have limited stock of this canvas but may stock more designs in the future if it proves popular. It’s 100% cotton with a protective water resistant coating. It drapes, feels, and sews like standard canvas.

Please note colours show differently on different screens so the fabric may look slightly different in person. We’ve tried to show the fabric in a variety of lights to give a good overview of the colours.

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About this fabric

100% cotton with a protective water resistant coating. This 250gsm (7oz) canvas is suitable for domestic sewing machines. As it’s cotton, it has a weave and is soft and flowy like standard canvas. Because it’s made of cotton, it doesn’t have a plastic feel like many waterproof canvases.

The fabric is protected to create a water resistant finish that allows water to flow off the fabric rather than soaking into it. However, it’s not 100% waterproof, so you can’t leave water sitting on it, or it will eventually soak in.

At 250gsm, this fabric is thicker than standard quilting cotton, which is usually about 150gsm, but you may still wish to add interfacing to it, depending on the project you’re working on.

  • Approximate width: 150cm (59″)
  • Made in: China
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 250gsm (7oz)

The fabric weights are referred to as GSM: Grams per square metre and Oz: Ounces per square yard.


Sewing with this fabric

I like to use a universal or Microtex size 90 needle. However, this will differ depending on the sewing machine, the thickness and type of thread, and the other fabrics you’re sewing with.


Caring for your fabric

CLEANING: We do not recommend washing this fabric in a machine as standard detergents will reduce it’s waterproof coating. Do not tumble dry. If you spill something on the fabric, it will run right off. Simply rinse with water to remove any excess, then hang it to drip dry. If you need to clean the fabric further, spot clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap. Test on an offcut or out of sight area first. If you do decide to wash the fabric, it will lose it’s waterproof coating with each wash and you’ll eventually be left with standard cotton canvas.

UV: This fabric has not been tested for high UV exposure so we don’t recommend it for items that will be permanently outdoors (such as garden cushions), as we can’t guarantee the colours won’t fade.

IRONING: You can iron this fabric and fuse interfacing to it without any issues.


Quality Control

Please check the colours in the photos before purchasing, and be aware that colours appear differently in different lights, and on different computer screens. The photos are the closest representation we could achieve to the in-person colour. Some photos include hardware or finished bags for illustrative purposes but this listing is for fabric only.

While we do our best to cut fabric accurately, it is cut by hand, and none of us are perfect. There may be a difference in length up to 5%. For example, if you order 50cm, the length may be between 47.25cm and 52.5cm.

For cuts over 3 metres, we can’t guarantee a continuous cut as the fabric may contain flaws that need to be cut around, but we will do our best.

Printed fabric may contain small flaws. We will do our best to ensure your fabric is flawless, but we will allow the following flaws:

  • Flaws within 10cm (4″) of the edge of the fabric
  • Anything smaller than a 5p coin (18mm or 3/4″)
  • Marks on the wrong side of the fabric when these marks do not show through the front of the printed side of the fabric.

Fabric with flaws outside of these parameters will not be sold under this listing. If your fabric contains flaws within these parameters, we will usually include extra fabric to make up for the inconvenience.



Our standard returns policy applies, but please note that fabric cannot be returned once washed, cut or sewn. It must be returned in new condition, not contaminated with animal hair, smoke, strong smells, stains, or anything else that would make it not new.

Although we do our best to quality check all products before sending them out, printed fabric does sometimes contain flaws, and occasionally we don’t spot these when prepping your order. We recommend you check your fabric upon receipt and contact us immediately if you have any problems or any flaws outside the parameters outlined above.

If you have any queries regarding this fabric, please email us at


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