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18mm (3/4″) Thick Strap/Widemouth Sliders – Pack of 2

18mm (3/4″) Widemouth/Thick strap sliders. Pack of 2.

These strap sliders are excellent quality with great colour. Their increased size makes them ideal for cork or vinyl straps that are especially thick and don’t fit with regular strap sliders. The inside width measurement is 18mm (3/4″), making them ideal for 18mm (3/4″) wide straps.

Available in three colours: brushed copper, brushed brass or matte black. A photo is also included to show the size comparison between our 18mm (3/4″) and 25mm (1″) thick strap sizes.

Approximate weight: 10g per slider
Made in: China
Material: Zinc Alloy


Where other hardware is included in photos, this is for illustrative purposes only. This listing is for 18mm (3/4″) thick strap sliders only.

These strap sliders are often used for adjustable crossbody straps. For an example of how to make a no raw edges crossbody strap, watch our video.


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