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13mm (1/2″) Screw-in Bag Feet/Purse Feet – 4 Pack

Pack of 4 screw-in bag feet that are quick and easy to fit.

Measurements: 13mm wide (base), 11mm wide (top), 5mm deep.

Available in three colours: brushed copper, brushed brass or matte black.

Approximate weight: 16g per pack
Made in: China
Material: Zinc Alloy


FREE UK delivery for orders over £50.


How to use:

  1. If your base has stabiliser in it, fit the bag feet after the stabiliser, so the bag feet go through the stabiliser
  2. Mark the location of the where you want your bag feet to be.
  3. Punch a 2mm hole on the marks. You can use a rivet hole punch for this.
  4. Push a bag foot through each hole.
  5. If your base doesn’t have stabiliser, use some small offcuts of stabiliser and put one behind each bag foot.
  6. Fix the screw in place. Push down firmly on the screw to ensure you don’t shred the top of it.
  7. If your screw is too long for the fabrics you’re using, add some more stabiliser between the bag foot and the back of the fabric.



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