Introducing the No Sew Clutch Leather Pattern

No Sew Clutch Leather Bag Pattern

We’re happy to introduce the No Sew Clutch, a leather bag pattern that requires no sewing or hand stitching. It’s perfect for your first leather project. This completes the trilogy of No Sew Leather Patterns. We recently released a video summarising all three of these patterns, but in this blog post we’ll focus on the No Sew Clutch. This leather pattern includes step by step photo instructions, pattern pieces to print at home and a full video tutorial. For those who prefer to use a projector or a print shop for patterns, we’ve also included an A1 file!

If you just want to get started, you can purchase the pattern here.


What Supplies and Tools Will I Need?

This is definitely the easiest of the three to make. It only requires five rivets to assemble the clutch itself and then you can add a crossbody strap or wristlet. You can fit these rivets using hand tools or, like we show in the tutorial, you can use a rivet press. You could even use traditional copper rivets.

To mark the pattern on the leather, you can use an awl or a leather pen and you will need a sharp knife to cut the leather. For the rivet tabs, you can use a button or coin to guide your blade, or you can use a half-circle cutter. We use this set from Etsy which is very cost effective, and this set also fits the No Sew Tote and Crossbody. You will need a 2mm hole punch for the rivet holes. For the decorative holes (included in the pattern), try using a mix of punches ranging from 1-3mm.


What Leather to Use?

Choosing the correct leather will ensure this clutch looks amazing and ages beautifully. In the pattern we explain the best leather to use. We recommend a leather at least 1.4mm thick (4 oz). For the best results though, try and use leather that is 1.8/2.0mm thick (5oz). You can use veg or chrome tan leather. Veg tan is more expensive, but it will age better as it will develop its own patina and you can also burnish the edges, which adds a classy look to the clutch and can also help to smooth out any areas where you didn’t manage to cut completely straight. If you’re not sure where to buy your leather from, we can recommend A&A Crack & Sons in the UK. In the USA, Tandy Leather has lots of options and in the EU you will find good leather at aleatherstore.


Can I Make the No Sew Clutch Out of Cork or Vinyl?

All of our No Sew patterns have been designed to be used with leather. Cork and vinyl can lack the stiffness or structure to maintain the shape and strength of the bags. This applies to the No Sew Clutch as well. Even thick vinyl can’t fully match leather. These designs also leave a lot of raw edges, which is perfect for leather. The raw edge of cork or vinyl will often deteriorate over time. Of course, you can still give it a go. Some of ours testers made it using vinyl and they do look good,  but try using leather at least once. If it’s your first-time using leather, you may be surprised how nice it is to work with.

We hope you love making the No Sew Clutch. If you enjoy making it, you could make the Tote and Crossbody and complete the No Sew Leather Trilogy!

Grab a copy of the pattern to get started. Leave a comment below to let us know what you like about this bag pattern, or anything you’d like us to consider changing/adding for future patterns. We hope you enjoy making it as much as we have!

Jo & Adam


For more information about the no sew trilogy, watch our video here.

Picture showing the three no sew leather patterns



Made by Novas Knits

Made by Haliza Mushirah Mohd Yusuf

Made by Adam, County Cow Designs

Made by Nojie Wandin

Made by Adam, Country Cow Designs

Made by Sabrina, Bags & More

Made by Adam – Tan Museum, Country Cow Designs 



Ready to get started? Grab the pattern here!

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