Posted by Jo Kay on 16th Apr 2021


Until recently, I personalised my bags using small wooden tags engraved with "Country Cow Designs". However, a couple of friends said the tags came off their bags after a few months as they protruded a bit from the bag and got caught on things. I decided I wanted to try alternatives. 

I'd contemplated getting metal tags or sew-in ones for the lining but I always find it difficult to decide where to place them. Then it occured to me that I love zips and have them on almost every bag I make so why not get personalised zips instead?

These are the result and I absolutely love them. It's a bit of an investment when you first purchase them as you have to pay a mold fee for your design. But after that you can buy 100 of a colour each time and they work out at 92 US cents per zip including postage. Naturally antique brass was my first choice as it's by far my favourite hardware colour to use, but I've now got an order placed for matte rainbow and rose gold ones too so I'm looking forward to receiving those. 

I bought my zips from through a company called Guangzhou Topwin Metal Accessories Ltd. Delivery takes a long time and there's a bit of a language barrier when you're ordering but my zips turned out lovely.