Makers Box?

Ojyma Makers Box

We’ve decided to offer a limited number of makers box’s for our next crossbody pattern!

What’s a makers box? It’s a box containing EVERYTHING you need to make the bag. It would include:

  • Fabrics – Cotton, Waxed Canvas & Waterproof Canvas
  • Interfacing & Stabilisers
  • Zip Tape & Pulls
  • Webbing
  • Hardware
  • Printed Pattern Pieces
  • Digital Pattern Instructions

Many of our customers have asked us about this over the years. We have put together a combination of fabrics that we think you’ll love. It includes everything you need to make the pattern, including a printed version of the pattern. We estimate that the box will cost £50 including postage. It will include only the best quality fabrics and hardware.

Our next crossbody pattern is the Ojyma bag, which has been designed by Amy Hutton of BedHogShop and turned into a pattern by us, Country Cow Designs.


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40 thoughts on “Makers Box?

  1. I have conflicting opinions on makers boxes. I think they are a great idea and I have purchased some from others in the past and loved them. But sometimes after receiving them they don’t appeal to me for that particular bag, but then again that is really not a problem as I always end up using them for some other bag or project.

  2. Hi there. I’m certainly interested in the pdf pattern and templates. I have loads (!) of fabric. Perhaps you could do a makers box with a “without fabric” option?



    1. Hi Cath, so would that be all the interfacing and stabilisers, zips, hardware and pattern, just not the fabric? It sounds like a good idea!

  3. That is a great idea and I also like Cath’s suggestion of a ‘without fabric’ option. I also think your proposed price point sounds very reasonable.

  4. I like the idea of a makers box, however I would want to have sight of the pattern (not the detail, just the end result) so that I knew it was something that inspired me or that I knew I could use for a gift

  5. Sounds good, I think it would be useful have a hardware/zip option and also an option to download and print the pattern only.

  6. Will the pdf pattern be available as well? I have loads of fabric but if I could buy pattern plus straps and hardware etc I would be interested. Price sounds reasonable.

  7. This is a great idea! With a new pattern I like the idea of using the same quality fabrics that the pattern has been designed for. Occasionally the fabric choices are not to my liking so I like the idea of a ‘with’ fabric and a ‘without’ fabric version. Price point sounds reasonable too.

  8. Sounds good, but all depends on how much it will end up costing with international shipping.

    1. For the USA we do free shipping for orders £50 and over so it would be included. For other countries it costs us more to send so it would be an extra £3-8 depending on the country

  9. Maybe a few options? Full makers box, hardware only (buyer selects finish) and pattern only options. For me, I have a ton of fabric and vinyl and enjoy selecting combos but don’t always want to worry about matching hardware and digging through my stock to ensure I have all needed in the right finish. So having a complete hardware kits is very convenient.

  10. I love the idea my only issue will be that everyone will end up with exactly the same looking bag as everything would be the same? How much would it be for shipping to usa?

    1. Yep everyone would end up with the same bag. I expect we’ll be offering about 50 boxes to start with so overall it won’t be many, and it’s kind of fun to be making the same thing as others, but if there were a lot more then it wouldn’t feel so unique. And then we’d probably offer some other colourways. Shipping to the USA would be included in that price as we do free shipping for orders £50 and over anyway =)

  11. Yes, I would be interested. I too would like to see a picture of the completed bag to make sure it is a bag I want to make. Thank you!

  12. I’d like the idea if there is a selection of say 3 colour palettes for the boxes. I know that’s a headache but it would appeal toore people. I’m used to these with crochet there tends to be several colourways and always popular. So.e cheaper some more expensive so the boxes have different things in them.

    1. I do love that idea. I think we might have to try just one for the first time we do it but if it goes well then I’d love to do 3 colour options for future patterns!

  13. I like the idea of the makers box. The pricing – whilst perfectly reasonable for the amount and quality of the things included – puts it firmly in the “hobbyist” box. Those that make to sell (I do not) would find that too expensive if they want to make a profit on a sale. It is clear that the choice of contents will be quality since all your makes are so pretty and well made and I have plenty of your hardware that is all high quality.
    In all likelihood, I would not go for the full box. I would however buy hardware packs and of course the pattern. It is nice to know that you have everything to hand to try out a pattern.

  14. I love this idea, your designs and your selections of Quality fabrics! It would be the perfect opportunity to work with fabrics that I haven’t explored, such as quality Wax Canvas! Yes, I would be proudly interested!

  15. Yes, I am interested! And using waxed canvas will be new for me. The pattern is important though, would like to see that first. I have a vision, lol….. Modified (shorter) bowler type, metal frame opening, rolled handles, detachable crossbody strap. Haha! If you can do that one, sign me up! USA

  16. In all likelihood, I would probably not purchase a maker’s box. I frequently add additional zip pockets, etc. and would not have enough zip tape to match. I also like choosing my own fabrics.

    1. I think it would be an extra £4 for postage to Australia. The only reason it might change is if the fuel rates with our courier increase between now and then.

  17. I believe this idea will work great for a beginnerish pattern. It would make a great gift for someone interested in bag making. Also, many seasoned bag makers want to pick colors fabric ect.

  18. I’d be very interested in a complete kit if the fabrics were something I haven’t worked with before (or something I’m quite new to!)
    I like the idea of a pattern and hardware kit – I’ve used them before from other pattern designers – but I’ve found that after their initial run, they don’t stock the hardware if it’s a frame or something similar.
    Your patterns are always really good at listing alternatives for interfacing etc, by brand, so that is a plus.
    The price seems good.

  19. Sounds like a great idea, I think what Cath Hayhow has suggested is good option too.

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