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Industrial only leather pattern

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Industrial Machines Only?

And now for something entirely different! This is our first industrial only sewing pattern, created by Adam on his Sailrite Fabricator. It’s also our first unlined pattern, hence it’s for leather only. This luxurious bag is made using thick leather without any stabilisers what so ever. If you’ve only made fabric patterns to date, this bag is something quite different.

What’s Required?

If this one’s not for you but you’d like to try a fabric tote pattern, check out our Muerqo and Lomexa sewing patterns?



We hope you love this big tote as much as we do! Scroll down to see the tester photos for this bag and get some inspiration before you sew yours.

Grab your copy of the pattern here

Watch the video tutorial here


What’s special about this bag pattern?

We’ve seen a lot of leather patterns, but the majority of them don’t include written instructions or photos as is common with fabric patterns. For that reason, Adam decided he’d like to create a leather pattern that was just as in depth as our fabric patterns. He’s planned out every step so you don’t have to.


This pattern is suitable for ambitious beginners. Just take your time with the the step by step photo instructions. There’s a video tutorial too if you’d like to see it being made with you.

You’ll need to know how to set rivets, or be willing to learn. We’ve got a short video here showing three methods for using rivets in your bag making.



What leather do you need?

We recommend using a leather that is at least 1.4mm thick (3.5oz). But you will need to consider more than just the thickness of the leather. Some leather is softer and more flexible. The softer and thinner the leather, the softer and less structured the bag will be. If using thicker leathers, such as 1.8mm and above, you will need need to “skive” (or thin) the leather in certain areas, or remove the seam allowance and leave a raw edge. The pattern will instruct you when this is required, and it won’t affect the strength of the bag.







  • Four pockets
  • Zip top closure
  • Really generous size





Other Features

  • Imperial and metric measurements
  • Provided in both A4 paper and letter paper sizes to ensure a smooth printing experience wherever you live in the world
  • A0 pattern pieces if you prefer to use a projector or get your pattern pieces printed by a print shop

We’re confident you’re going to love this pattern and have fun making it!

Leave a comment below to let us know what you like about this bag pattern, or anything you’d like us to consider changing/adding for future patterns. We hope you enjoy making it as much as we have!

Jo & Adam

Grab your copy of the pattern here



Tester photos to inspire you!

Made by Ranaway

Rana changed the zip placket slightly from the pattern. On her bag the zip teeth turn in at one end, as you can see in the photos.


Made by Joanne, Jo Jo’s Bags



Made by Keith, Stonecraft Leather Goods

Keith added little pockets around the strap ends. A great little addition to the bag. He also changed the zip so it tapers in at one end.


Made by Michelle



Made by Sarita



Made by Lyn





Made by Adam, Country Cow Designs



Made by Mamie


Made by Lizanie






Made by Adam, Country Cow Designs


Made by Adam, Country Cow Designs



We hope you love this new bag.

Grab a copy of the pattern here!


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