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Turtle Magnet & Zip Bundle

Each pack includes 1 turtle magnet and 1 turtle zip in your chosen colour.

Limited edition – these will not be restocked once sold out.

The zip pulls are no.5 size, suitable for use with nylon zip tape, which is sold separately in our shop. These zip pulls are slightly slower than our usual stock and will take a little more finesse to fit onto the zip tape.

The pull on each zip measures 25mm x 19mm.
Each magnet measures 30mm x 40mm and includes the following:

  • Turtle top cover
  • Turtle bottom cover
  • 2 x Screws
  • 1 x Male magnetic snap
  • 1 x Female magnetic snap
  • 2 x Washers


Out of stock

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Made in: China

Material: 100% Zinc Alloy

Approximate weight: 16g per magnet, 8g per zip


Magnet Fitting Instructions

It’s likely you’ll need to fit these magnets further from the seam than you would for a standard magnetic snap. If fitting to a flap, it’s worthwhile making your flap longer than usual to allow for the extra space needed between the magnetic snap and the end of the flap.

  1. Undo the screws so the top and bottom parts of the magnet are separate (the top is the main turtle, the bottom is the underside with the slits and screw holes on show).
  2. Construct your flap or pocket and topstitch it, but leave the side or bottom is open so you can slip some stabiliser in.
  3. Decide where to place the magnet. Place the top piece where you want it on the exterior side of the piece. Push down hard on your fabric so it marks the two screw posts.
  4. Slip a small amount of stabiliser into the flap or pocket so it’s where the magnet will be. You can secure this in place with glue if preferred.
  5. Punch a small hole where each marks are on the fabric, punching through the stabiliser too. The hole needs to be large enough for the posts to fit through, but not any larger.
  6. Push the top piece of the turtle through the holes so you can find the location for the bottom piece.
  7. Mark the slits through the bottom piece onto the lining fabric (if you find it easier, you can screw it in place while marking the slits).
  8. Remove both pieces of the magnet. Cut the slits, cutting through both the lining and exterior fabrics. Treat with fray check if using a material that frays.
  9. Place the bottom piece of the magnet over the slits and push the prongs of the male magnetic snap through the slits, right through to the exterior.
  10. Place a washer over the prongs and fold them back away from the centre.
  11. Place the top magnetic piece on top so the screw posts go through the holes you made earlier. Screw together.
  12. Fit the female part of the snap as you usually would.


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1 review for Turtle Magnet & Zip Bundle

  1. Maggie Burnley Verified Owner

    Love these little fellows, just super cute. Bit fiddly to fit but worth it.

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