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18mm (3/4″) Rounded Strap Ends – Pack of 4 Rainbow


Rounded 18mm (3/4″) Strap ends (also known as strap end caps), fitted with two small screws each. The strap gap is 4mm deep, slightly deeper than the other 18mm strap ends we stock, to allow for thicker straps.

If your fabric isn’t thick enough, you can simply add a piece of Decovil, or other stabiliser, between the layers to pad it out and ensure a really good fit.

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Pack of 4.

Discounted by 40% as we are discontinuing our rainbow stock.


In stock

In stock

Where other hardware is included in photos, this is for illustrative purposes only. This listing is for 18mm (3/4″) strap end caps only.

Approximate weight = 18g per pack

Material: Zinc alloy

Made in: China


How to use:

These strap ends are great for finishing off handles or crossbody straps that have raw ends.

  1. Push the strap end over the raw edge of the strap or handle, making sure it’s a snug fit.
  2. If the strap end feels loose, slip a small amount of stabiliser between the layers of the strap where it will be inside the strap end.
  3. Once you’re happy with the fit, remove the strap end and refit it with a small amount of glue inside the strap end. This will help keep it secure.
  4. If you’re using a tough fabric such as vinyl or leather, poke an awl or similar sharp object through the two screw holes to create small holes in the fabric. This isn’t usually necessary if you’re using cork or cotton as the screws will do this themselves.
  5. Fix the two screws in place, Push down firmly on the screw to ensure you don’t shred the top of the screw.


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